How Can You Support Busy Teachers?

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60 Second CPD


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What is the number one thing teachers lack?

Time is a commodity – and that is especially true in education. Limited time can leave many teachers feeling unable to fulfil all aspects of the role as well as they would like.

Teaching is the job that can never be ‘finished’.

In its purest form, the role of the educator is to teach, but anyone who has spent more than five minutes in a school knows that things are not that simple.

Teachers need deep thought and reflection

Teaching requires not only effective preparation and delivery but also deep thought and reflection, which demands more time on the teacher.

Unfortunately, tight budgets can leave schools with little capacity to provide staff with quality CPD, meaning that professional development is often left for teachers to manage themselves (sadly).

Teachers need continual professional development

We know that CPD is invaluable, but when we’re pushed for time as it is, how can we realistically continue to advance our practice?

There are a million and one ideas out there.

Sifting through hundreds of research articles, blogs and books is not a practical option for all educators.

Teachers need easy-to-digest ideas and theories for incremental professional development.

Teachers need bitesize, research-informed ideas

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Knowing that you and 12.5 million others only access the articles on this website for a certain length of time, we wanted to use our insights and write a book that puts lots of ideas together in one place.

That’s what this book is for: to provide a summary of a range of ideas, from the conventional to the controversial, each digestible in roughly 60 seconds.


‘It is said that the best CPD can be measured by what you do the next time you are in the classroom. 60-Second CPD exceeds this measure, packed full of clear, concise and incredibly practical strategies and tips ‘oven-ready’ for the classroom. I cannot recommend this highly enough.’ Richard Cahill, principal, Hinckley Academy, Leicestershire

‘If you want an easy-to-read text packed full of useful ideas and tips for practice in the school setting, this is a must-read. What a wonderful book to have and use to reflect on your own practice, take new steps and grow as an educator.’ Kiki Amin, Ramsgate Arts Primary School, Kent

‘As an educator it is important to have assembled a toolbox of techniques, alternatives, strategies and quick wins. This book is a toolbox all on its own.’ Adrian Walder, teaching assistant at Axminster Community Primary School, Devon

‘It allows teachers to focus their time and effort on what will make a meaningful impact on their learners.’ Darren Leslie, principal teacher of learning and teaching, Scotland

‘This is a great dip-in, dip-out book for busy teachers; it’s great to see so many of the ideas backed up by research evidence that will give teachers the confidence to try them in their classrooms.’ Dr Rachel Dodge, wellbeing consultant

‘Whether you are a trainee teacher or school leader, an educational research enthusiast or a fan of the quick tools, 60-Second CPD will be a companion to your development for years.’ Hanaé Berton, MFL teacher

‘The combination of personal anecdotes supported by research and excellent tips makes this a stand-out book.’ Matt Dechaine, leadership and wellbeing coach

‘60-Second CPD is every educators’ best friend!’ Daniella Jamieson, year leader for Year 4 and assistant SENCO.

No one can create more time for you to spend on CPD, but Hanna and I hope you’ll find that the ideas in this book are a great way to make the most of the time you do have.

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