Podcast 83: Does Your School Vision Translate Online?

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Podcast with Julie Keyes

Joshua McGovern

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What makes your school unique and how can this vision be retained online?

Our 83rd interview is with Julie Keyes, a teacher-turned-business-leader who is now building wider support for teachers and schools.

In this podcast, listen to Julie and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill, discuss how Julie entered the teaching profession, how teaching and learning can be delivered during a pandemic and how she is adapting, working remotely as a self-employed school leader.

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Learn to adapt to the circumstances…

Like many experienced teachers, rather than leave the sector altogether, we learn more about taking the next steps to start a business and hear why education consultancy was a good fit for Julie. In her second year of starting a business, Julie explains how she has approached brand creation, developing a business focus and the challenges she has faced; particularly given that COVID-19 pandemic has stopped all work.

How have you adapted to working online?

Turning what she has learned in the first 6 weeks of lockdown from crisis to future strategy, we ask Julie how COVID-19 has affected the teaching industry, how she has adapted to online work and her advice for all teachers, especially those that want to start their own business. Julie explains the importance of gaining knowledge about how individual schools differ and how vast this diversity is; the specialist knowledge required for teaching in preparatory schools and the school culture Julie would like to see continue when everything returns to normal.

Julie helps schools drive improvement, whether it’s through coaching teachers and senior leaders, curriculum planning or delivering bespoke staff training. Follow Julie on LinkedIn or on her active Instagram channel.

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