Podcast 76: Leadership During The Coronavirus Crisis

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Vic Goddard Headteacher

Joshua McGovern

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What are the pressures facing our headteachers during the coronavirus crisis?

Our 76th interview is Vic Goddard, principal of Passmores co-operative learning community. This community consists of 3 primary schools and one secondary.

With schools due to close across the country on Tuesday 17th March, we reached out to Vic during the COVID-19 crisis as it swept across the UK. He kindly offered 20 minutes out of his busy schedule (at the end of the school day) to discuss the current challenges facing our headteachers…

In this podcast, listen to Vic and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill discuss:

  • The make-up of Passmores learning community
  • How the Coronavirus is impacting on teachers, pupils and school communities
  • The pressures principals and headteachers are facing in this current climate
  • Passmore’s own COBRA meetings
  • The importance of listening to science
  • Safe spaces for vulnerable pupils and key workers
  • How this period will affect exam results, Ofsted and league standings.

Listen to the podcast (16 minutes)

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You can follow Vic on Twitter and find out more about his work, The Best Job in The World.


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