Podcast 71: What Is Concept-Based Curriculum Teaching?

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Dr. Jennifer Chang Wathall ​

Joshua McGovern

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What can Western education learn from the East, and vice versa?

Our 71st interview is with Jennifer Chang-Wathall, a teacher of 27 years, a part-time lecturer at the University of Hong Kong and educational consultant –  specialising in concept-based curriculums and instruction.

In this podcast, listen to Jennifer and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill discuss:

  • Jennifer’s educational background
  • The early days of Jennifer’s teaching career
  • Today, what a typical day looks like for Jennifer on the road
  • What makes a great maths teacher
  • How education in the classroom has changed as a result of edtech
  • Jennifer’s PhD in educational technology
  • We ask what workload issues Jennifer discovers on her travels to schools around the world
  • What one thing Jennifer would like to see changed in education
  • The projects Jennifer is working on today
  • Her advice for teachers that want to begin research and,
  • Top tips for writing a book.

Listen to the podcast (29 minutes)

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You can find out more about Jennifer on her website: jenniferchangwathall.com


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