The Best Way To Protect Your Digital Devices

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How can you protect your expensive classroom devices from costly damage, and at a reasonable price?

As a design and technology teacher, protecting expensive pieces of equipment, particularly the technology, is vital to ensure that your classroom is teacher-ready…

Long-term solutions…

The fact that the majority of schools in the UK are bearing the brunt of extremely strained and highly restricted budgets, it is perfectly responsible to protect expensive resources in a cost-effective way with products that guarantee longevity. Having discovered OtterBox, they are the perfect solution to protect valuable, classroom assets such as iPads, iPhones and Android devices; durable cases which defend the device itself from rough use and active little hands.

Protecting classroom resources

Otterbox showcased their impressive product range at the BETT Show last week. Not only did I get hands-on with their impressive product range, but their awesome iPad Connect 4 installation too! Their stand featured a huge, spinning stand that allowed us to use iPads instead of counters; after each game, the players got to flip the board over – perfect for demonstrating thousands of pounds worth of hardware crashing to the floor – with no breakages.

Here’s a video of what I got up to at the Otterbox stand.

Saving time and money

Electronic devices have transcended their luxury status and are integral resources, relied upon in classrooms all over the world, every single day. Teachers will recognise those heart-stopping moments when a child drops a digital device, and then the anticipation of a screen cracking, slowly becoming increasingly harder to use, disrespected and eventually, obsolete. What happens next is that long reach down to reveal the extent of the damage. Gradually, these expensive items increase costs and more time is spent maintaining them.

As a design technology teacher, OtterBox products leave ‘damages’ to expensive items in the past and gives teachers the confidence in distributing thousands of pounds worth of resources to an excited classroom of pupils. Their ethos focusses on the deeper goal to enact positive, lasting change to support the environment and has become the top-selling smartphone and tablet case brand in the USA. So, not only is it a great sustainable solution, the cases protect devices against damage incurred, with a range of ideas designed to protect against extreme conditions, including a group of rowdy year 5 pupils after a busy lunch break!

In partnership with the OtterCares Foundation, OtterBox grows to give back by inspiring kids to change the world through entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

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