3 Reasons To Get Passionate About Creative Writing

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How can teachers get all their pupils to fall in love with writing – in just one day?

‘In just one day? Impossible’ I hear you cry! This includes all the research and development that has been conducted, the planning, finding or creating worksheets and lesson plans, to briefing staff, then marking work to achieve this goal to help get students to love writing.

1.Creating a ‘buzz’ for writing

It is possible with Young Writers‘ free, classroom-ready resources. In fact, it won’t even take a whole day to create a buzz around writing in your school if time is not on your side. Young Writers have been working with teachers, schools, pupils and parents since 1991 and have spent time talking to teachers in their classrooms across the country.


Request any of the free resources using the links below and Young Writers will send you as many worksheets as you need to get your whole school writing. You can tweet your participation on Twitter using @YoungWritersCW or send them an email using, info@youngwriters.co.uk– Enter before Friday 19th July 2019.


2. How can Young Writers help teachers?

To transfer subject knowledge and passion for writing to the students, Young Writers have created a bank of resources with the purpose of creating excitement around literacy for both teachers and pupils, even if for just one day! All the resources are free, include worksheets for your students, plus other useful extras such as videos, lesson plans, activities and lesson presentations.

Reception Students
  • My First Riddle is a writers competition, ideal for reception classes which encourages younger pupils to use their senses and imagination to create their own original riddle.
Primary Students
  • My Amazing Diary is ideal for 5 -7 year-olds to showcase their creative writing abilities, encouraging pupils to write a diary entry from, for example, a day at the park or the zoo to school. From recounts of real events to imaginary adventures, who or what will inspire your pupils?
  • Or Ancient Adventures which is suitable for 7 – 11 year-olds which links history and challenges students to write a mini-saga – a story written in just 100 words, inspired by any historical event or character!

Secondary Students

Survival Sagas: Mission Chaos is the perfect project for 11 – 18 year-olds and challenges students to write a mini-saga using’chaos’ as a theme. Is it the beginning of the end?

3. What makes teaching difficult?

This term Young Writers have been researching with teachers in the West Midlands and Kent, and the top 3 things that the teachers said makes their jobs difficult are time to plan, to create, to even assess; money – there are no funds for resources, writing workshops or even new books and the curriculum.

The teachers Young Writers spoke to were passionate about teaching English and wanted to inspire their pupils, but felt that the majority of their day-to-day work was preparing students to sit exams (at both primary and secondary level). These resources will help – get in touch via email using, info@youngwriters.co.uk

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