What Are You Doing To Reclaim Your Weekend?

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Work life balance

Laura George

Laura teaches Years 4-8 at King's Rochester Prep. School and is head of RS and PSHEE. She has previously taught in secondary state comprehensive and grammar schools. She loves everything about teaching and often can be found telling her husband "Oh, this would be great...
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How can you achieve a better balance?

Wellbeing isn’t something we just top-up at the weekend but a commitment for every day of the week. However, the weekend is a time to catch-up and with winter now here, looking after ourselves and planning our time is even more of a priority!

Here at TT we are thinking again about self preservation. To help, we’ve put together another five-point list of wellbeing escapism to encourage a healthy work-life balance. 

1. What to WATCH

Good Girls on Netflix is a fab way to look at the lives of crime, from the perspective of three suburban Detroit mothers, two of whom are sisters. Tired of the lives they have ended up with they decide the only way forward is to rob a supermarket. In the end they get more than they bargained for in this comedy series.

2. What to READ

One Day in December by Josie Silver is not another classic love story. It follows a chance encounter of the dream man who could just be the love at first sight boy. Sadly the chance is missed and the boy is never to be see again, until her best friend Sarah introduces her to the new love of her life – who is, of course, the boy from the bus! If this isn’t made into a movie I’d be surprised.

3. What to EAT

As the night draw in and the cold snap comes everyone starts to think about warm comfort food. A casserole is a fab choice for a winters night and being able to chuck it all in one pot can take the load off your weary self! Go for a sausage and bean casserole to warm you up.

4. Who to FOLLOW

If you want to know a bit more about leadership and the psychology of choice then give @AdamMGrant a follow. He is a psychology professor at Wharton College of the University of Pennsylvania and a New York Times Opinion writer.

5. What to DO and WHERE

In the North

November 10th – 1st Dec Chester Literature Festival: speakers including best-selling authors, broadcasters, poets, performers and more, alongside workshops, performances lectures, storytelling and pub crawls, throughout Storyhouse this November.

In the Midlands

Monochrome vs Colour Exhibition open until 1st Dec: this exhibition includes a display of over 30 monochrome photographs presented by the East Midlands Monochrome Group who meet at Sywell Village Hall near Northampton.

There are a variety of subjects included from the different members of the group, some of whom still use the original darkroom printing and one who uses the bromoil process while another works with plate cameras.

In the South

Cosham Fireworks Display Wednesday 7 November: Portsmouth City Council’s annual bonfire and fireworks display. The free event will open at 4PM where there will be a children’s funfair (under 12’s only) as well as a variety of food stalls.

In the East

Longleat FESTIVAL OF LIGHT from 10th Nov till 6th Jan: this winter, stunning Chinese lanterns will light up Longleat once more as we take you on A Fantastic Voyage! Join us on a thrilling expedition around the world, journeying through time and space with explorers, Harry and Bea, a plucky brother and sister, and their fearless terrier companion, Monty.

In the West

Light Parade of Peace Chelmsford on 11th Nov: you are invited to take part in Chelmsford’s first ever magical Parade of Light, brought to life through a record-breaking local crowd-funding campaign! The event will bring communities together to walk peacefully through the city centre in remembrance with beautiful hand-crafted lanterns and floats.

Keep it going until Monday?

Wellbeing in the school is important too.  How about starting a cup exchange at school? The idea of being a mug is brought and passed around the staff room in secret. The cup should be filled with goodies to the value of £5 and passed to another staff member without letting on who did it. It’s a little piece of fun and who doesn’t love to get a little gift every now and then?!

If you have anything to add to this list then use the hash tag #ReclaimYourWeekend on twitter. Let’s start a wellbeing movement and set some boundaries and remember, don’t feel guilty!

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