5 Videos To Encourage Active Learning

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How can you get your students active whilst learning?

Super Movers is an initiative from the BBC and Premier League, and is designed to help primary school teachers inspire children to become more active throughout their school day. 

Super Movers is about integrating more physical activity into classroom lessons to help get children moving as they learn.

Free Video Resources

There are over 60 free, short videos with catchy songs and simple movement routines that last just a couple of minutes, all available hereThey cover key topics in literacy and numeracy such as times tables, number bonds, punctuation and spellings and feature famous faces from the worlds of children’s TV, football and music. No extra equipment is required and they are a great way to start or finish lessons, or to just bring some extra energy into the classroom.

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With the support of the Premier League, professional football clubs in England and Wales are also combining Super Movers into their school outreach programmes. Since Super Movers launched in January, thousands of teachers have used the videos. Here’s are 5 of the most popular ones. 

1. The 6 Times Table with Fred the Red

Manchester United’s mascot performs a song and routine to help students learn their 6 times table. 

2. Key Stage 1 Reading Aloud with the Worst Witch

The Worst Witch’s Mildred Hubble inspires your class to read aloud and covers punctuation and reading with feeling.

3. Key Stage 1 Adjectives and Adverbs with Johnny and Inel

Through a song and routine, children learn how to write better stories using adjectives and adverbs.

 4. Key Stage 2 Punctuation with The Next Step

A song and movement routine that covers colons, semicolons and dashes is a great refresher for students. 

5. Key Stage 2 Measurement with Max and Harvey

Max and Harvey get your class to their feet in this song and movement routine covering which unit of measurement to use for lengths, volume, mass and time.

Browse the full set of 60 active learning videos on the Super Movers website now.

Fit active learning into the school day

50 to 70 per cent of classroom time is spent sedentary, so there’s lots of potential to be more active. However, the challenge for schools is how to increase the amount of activity children can actually fit into the school day. Super Movers was developed working closely with teachers and is designed to make it easy to integrate more movement into lessons.

Win Premier League trophy visits to your school!

For schools that get involved in Super Movers, there is a chance to win a visit from the Premier League Trophy, or if you are in Scotland, the Scottish Professional Football League Premiership Trophy. Each month, one lucky school will win a football trophy visit and four schools will win runner-up prizes.

To be in with a chance to win, email a photo of your class joining in with Super Movers, to supermovers@bbc.co.uk and also sign up to the newsletter for more information here. 

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