Podcast 13: How Can Support Staff Reduce Workload?

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Iesha Small

Think Tank associate at LKMco and podcaster for Teacher Toolkit. Iesha is a teacher, writer, podcast producer and speaker. Former school leader who is interested in challenging status quo and solutions.
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How can SENCOs reduce workload and be more effective?

Our 13th guest is Daniel Sobel, Founder and Director of Inclusion Expert. We catch up with Daniel at the Institute of Directors.

In this episode, you can hear Daniel and podcast host Ross Morrison McGill:

    • reveal how SENCOs can cut down on paperwork
    • explain how Daniel’s own difficult time at school influenced his career choices
    • outline how Daniel’s experience as a SENCO lead to him help others to be more effective
    • discuss how launching the Pupil Premium Handbook changed his career
    • share Daniel’s three top tips for reducing SENCOs workload
    • explore other methods of success for pupils beyond GCSEs and SATs



  You can find out more about Inclusion Expert via their website.

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