Challenge Your Students With A Tenner

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Holly Gardner

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Want to inspire your students with an Enterprise Competition to start the year?

As students return to school after a few weeks of hibernation why not encourage them to take part in the Tenner Challenge? It only takes 4 simple steps and online registration is quick and easy.

1. Here’s a tenner

The Challenge is free to enter and available to every young person across all abilities aged from 11-19 years. £10 will be pledged directly from the Young Enterprise Tenner Bank to use as start-up capital to get their own student business idea off the ground. Everyone has 4 weeks to make as much profit as possible.

2. Getting ready

The Challenge is fun and engaging, from starting with an idea to creating a product or service, designing a company logo and managing a budget to finally trading directly with the public. Following the 4 week plan provides practical opportunities to broaden the enterprise and careers curriculum and allows young people to discover for themselves what it means to be enterprising.

Tenner On A Page: A step by step guide

3. Keep it going

Resources and videos are easy to access online giving top tips on how to get started, case studies and guidance to plan and run the challenge successfully. There are weekly competitions and a national Tenner Challenge competition to enter. A great way to keep everyone on track from start to finish. Tenner is an original way of creating a fun learning activity by encouraging the fearless spirit of the young entrepreneur within a safe supported learning environment.

4. Payback and keep the profit

At the end of the Challenge after £10 pledges are repaid back to the Tenner Bank with a £1 legacy contribution, everyone can decide how to spend or donate part or all of their profits to a charity or local project of their choice. Taking part can offer a platform for young people to drive social change in recognising an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the wider community.

Active learning

Using the Challenge as part of your programme of enterprise education and career guidance can have an impact on a variety of outcomes for young people. From greater self-awareness, giving an insight into how businesses are structured to demonstrating the different roles and career opportunities.

Tenner can support programmes of study requirements for a broad range of subjects including English and mathematics beyond class room learning and form a useful part of a coherent and progressive programme of enterprise education, giving opportunities to reflect and evaluate.

Don’t miss out – sign up today. Registration closes on 21st February!

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