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Holly Gardner

Holly Gardner is TT Editor, as well as a Freelance Publisher. She has been working with @TeacherToolkit for over 6 years - since she published his first book in her role as Senior Commissioning Editor at Bloomsbury Publishing. Since then, she left her day job,...
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What teaching ideas would you bin?

Happy New Year! This year we share an old planning favourite and exciting details of how you could blog for us and become and member of the TT team in 2018! Also, all the news from the last couple of weeks whilst you’ve probably been hibernating!

Top 5 blogs

  1. The Teacher and the OFSTED Inspection
  2. 9 Teaching Ideas To Bin in 2018
  3. 12 Educational Research Myths
  4. We Need To Pop The Differentiation Bubble
  5. 20 Years Of Educational Fads

Resource of the week

As it’s back to school again this week, we feature the very popular planning resource as our resource of the week: The 5 minute lesson plan. It continues to be the most downloaded resource on Teacher Toolkit and we hope a fresh look at it this January will help you to get back into the swing of planning and teaching after the Christmas break.

CPD Spotlight: Blogging

Do you ever blog about your experiences as a teacher, the resources you use in the classroom or the teaching and planning techniques you use? It’s a great form of CPD – you can build up a network of teachers to share ideas with and solve problems with. It can be difficult to know where to start though – that’s where we come in! A week ago we shared a post asking for teachers who are interested in blogging for us to get in touch. Have a read and do follow the instructions for taking part if you’d like to become a member of the TT team in 2018.

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