Top 10 Teacher Tipples!

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Alice England

Studying for a PhD in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Sheffield, Alice became heavily involved in the university outreach program. As a result of these experiences, she completed a PGCE in Secondary Science at the University of Nottingham and began teaching in 2012. Since...
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Do you need to take a break from the *teacher-seriousness?

So, it’s the middle of the term and you’re already feeling exhausted. In this light-hearted post, read the ‘top 10 teacher tipples’ to see you through the term ahead. And remember, drink carefully!

Which tipple will see you through to the end of term?

1. Earl Grey Infused Gin Cocktail

Earl grey gin, because teachers ‘heart’ gin. And tea. So, while we don’t normally spend our day sipping posh Earl Grey (it’s usually whatever is lying around the staffroom that packs a vaguely caffeinated punch), this cocktail would make an excellent alternative for late-night report writing.

2. Dublin Iced-Coffee

Teachers are divided into Team Tea and Team Coffee.  For those of you belonging to the latter, try this decadent, desert-like drink that will certainly see you through even the most trying session of mock-marking.

3. Chocolate-Chip Cookie Martini

You’ve probably sensed a theme by now – teachers like a brew and a biscuit. This cocktail looks classy, but keeps some of that fun and childishness that we all know we harbour deep down (and tends to make an inappropriate appearance during a very serious staff meeting).

4. Apple, Elderflower and Gin Cocktail

I don’t know many teachers that would like to receive an apple from their class – I am always wary of food presented to me by pupils and have been known to develop spontaneous allergies and intolerances. This cocktail – apple, elderflower and gin-based drink is a great alternative.

5. Pinky Bubble-Gum Cocktail

This drink is a sweet-based cocktail and is much better than scraping gum off the bottom of desks.

6. Rainbow Shots

I recently made a multicoloured cocktail as a chemistry challenge, and I am particularly fond of a bright and proud rainbow.  These ‘burn your mouth and chest hairs’ are little shots of joy, which are labour intensive; but don’t we all deserve a little bit extravagance now and again?

7. Bloody Mary

A classic for all the history teachers out there, and I’m pretty sure if Mary were alive today, this would be her drink of choice.

8. Sangria

Fuelling MFL departments up and down the country, which occasionally makes a guest appearance for open and options evenings for parents. Ole!

9. Tequila Mockingbird

A literary-inspired cocktail that was too good not to include. It fought off close competition from Bridget Jones’ Daiquiri, but you always have to go with the classics.

10. Wine

Because, let’s be honest, who has the time for all those other fancy drinks?

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, if you are worried about someone’s drinking, or looking for advice about how you can stay safe, Drinkaware has some good advice.

And if alcohol is not for you, or even if it is, you’ll be doing yourself a favour with a litre of water by your side in the classroom. Remember to drink carefully, and don’t turn up to school hungover!

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