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When last did you visit the zoo?

Last week I took my family to the zoo to experience Paradise Wildlife Park, once dubbed the ‘worst zoo in Britain‘, is now poles apart from the reputation it once had 33 years ago. It’s vision “to be the most successful and best Wildlife Park for education, conservation and preservation of wildlife, in Britain.”

It’s definitely time for teachers to take a break, yet for those teachers who are parents, they may be left wondering ‘what else to do with kids in the school holidays?’ There is so much time to fill – routines to keep, although more relaxed – are essential to keep everyone busy, happy and out of trouble. So, what would be a good suggestion to keep the family happy, yet somewhat educational?

Visiting the Park

Paradise Wildlife Park is worth of consideration – now a fully registered charity with the ‘Zoological Society of Hertfordshire’ and based just off the M25 motorway in Hertfordshire. There are a good range of educational workshops on offer for teachers, schools and their students – perfect for families too!

It was a lovely day for our friends and family.

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First, we set off for a walk around the zoo – stopping off at the playgrounds along the way – this easily filled up an entire morning without us exploring every area of the zoo. After feeding some of the animals, we headed for the play area for lunch and play. Hours later, after a good choice of food and entertainment, we discovered the ‘Paradise Lagoon’ behind the main entrance and, because the ‘sun was out’, the boys stripped off into the pants and went for a unplanned splash! It was a fun-filled day spent in the woods, on a miniature railway and with a wide range of species to learn about.

A new Jaguar Cub is now on view to the public – the only one in the UK at the moment and is part of a breeding programme. Plus, PWL have a new Amazon and Beyond exhibition which is home to endangered South American animals and the largest Anaconda in the UK.

Paradise Wildlife Park offers more daily educational talks, feeds and shows than any other zoo in the country. Find out ‘how to get there‘ and read the FAQs for further information.

It’s definitely worth a visit!

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