10 Ways to Collect Audience Data

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Holly Gardner

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How can you easily collect data about your audience?

With an intuitive and user-friendly form builder, Form+ is a service that allows you collect data (including files) using web forms. The data is stored in your Google Drive and you always have access to it. You can also share this data with other collaborators and the files of all types and sizes can be uploaded using Form+.

This software gives options for bloggers and those creating and building their own websites, to collect data and build up a powerful database of information.

Form+ Interface:

Using the power of Google Drive, Form+ provides a simple interface where you can easily drag and drop desired form components onto your new form palette. It also offers a wide variety of input choices, including file uploading directly from your computer or mobile device.

Form+ Creating Forms Easily

Image: Form+

The Form+ team is also working on adding support for more cloud storage services including Dropbox.

10 Form+ Features:

Within the software, here are 10 features that allow you to build up your data, easily and securely.

  1. Form+ aims to be the easiest form builder out there and users can build a powerful form receiving responses in less than ten (10) minutes with no configuration needed! Why not give it a try?
  2. Users can accept upload files of all sizes and the data is stored in Google Drive account and is always accessible. Users can also share the data with other collaborators or use a tool like Flubaroo to process your responses.
  3. Setting the type of data is easy and straightforward. Users can choose to receive emails, numbers, phone numbers and much more!
  4. Users can easily limit the responses on your form, either by setting a deadline for accepting responses or by setting a fixed number of responses.
  5. There are have a large number of form themes which allows users to easily customise and brand forms to suit brand/style See Form+ plans and details here.
  6. Form+ has some templates for commonly used form formats which can be edited and saves users time.
  7. Form+ work on all devices, including mobile devices, making them ideal for collecting data from a large range of audiences.
  8. Sharing and showcasing forms is straight-forward. Embedding forms on user websites and even a Facebook Page is simply with code automatically generated.
  9. All forms are secure using industry standard security.
  10. Form+ is protected from spam by enabling the ‘captcha’ option which is available on all forms.

What can I do with Form+?

Form+ is simple and easily embedded onto your website or Facebook Page. Below is a preview of how I have created a form.

Click to expand.

Using this intuitive tool, Form+ is a simple and responsive piece of software that enables bloggers and website developers to create powerful databases. @TeacherToolkit.”

At its core, Form+ simply allows you to create forms which you can use to collect data in an easy and user-friendly manner. Since Form+ makes no assumption about your data, you can use Form+ for quite a lot of things including contests, assignments, quizzes, tests, surveys and so much more.

Form+ is an ideal solution for bloggers, educators and for anyone who needs a simple way to collect data easily. Why not give Form+ a try? They are offering a 20% discount for educators and non-profit organisations.

If you have a question, get in touch with the team: support@formpl.us


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