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What does the view look like from a teacher’s desk?

This is a social-media project for teachers everywhere, inspired by an article in The Washington Post: How classrooms look around the world? …

… photographers from Reuters took pictures around the world of educators with their students in a telling exhibit of the very different circumstances under which children attend school.

Images: Reuters


As the summer term approaches, I thought it would be a fitting project for educators, to share images – from around the world – of teachers’ desks and classrooms, sharing the vantage point of their location at school/college.


To promote the wonderful and varied locations of where and how teachers work, worldwide. I hope the variety of images raise the important profile of education – perhaps some issues – and the challenges we may (or may not) face around the world.


  1. Take an *image from your #TeachersDesk. This can be of your classroom or office space.
  2. The image must be taken from the vantage point of ‘sitting in a chair’ next to the #TeachersDesk.
  3. The image could be of your own #TeachersDesk, the classroom space or a ‘view of the world’ outside the window.
  4. Next, share the image on social media using this hashtag: #TeachersDesk.
  5. Examples of images could be of objects on your desk (like this) or pictures (like this) of what you can see from your desk.

*Make sure you have permission to share any images of your students. **No images of vulnerable students please (e.g. LAC)

shutterstock_73216792 empty classroom

Image: Shutterstock

Images from Reuters used in the post are:

  • Year 9 Biology boys class pose for a picture with teacher Suzanne Veitch in their classroom at Forest School, London.
  • Teacher Moulay Ismael Lamrani poses for a picture with his class in the Oudaya primary school in Rabat, Morocco.
  • Class one children aged between 6-7 years old pose for pictures in their classroom in the capital Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Teacher Mahajera Armani and her class pose for a picture at their study open area, outside Jalalabad city, Afghanistan.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag: #TeachersDesk and join the conversation. Support the project here?


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