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🚨  Are you feeling overwhelmed with online learning, marking and planning? 💻

I completed a 5-week online course called the Resilient Teacher Accelerator which unpicks everything I’ve learned from 25 years in the classroom and the research I’ve read from teaching online during COVID-19.

Using my experiences of leading teacher webinars over the last decade, many teachers joined me from across England, Cyprus, France and Germany, eager to learn research-informed strategies that build resilience into the classroom. Full details below.

Take control for less than your average conference fee! Currently, £10 per session. 

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Education has changed and many teachers say online learning is here to stay. That’s why educational strategies, particularly what we’ve learned from remote teaching during the pandemic will have lasting value. I recently completed a 5-week course called the Resilient Teacher AcceleratorMany teachers like you were eager to learn research-proven strategies that build resilience from the classroom to the sofa and back.

This masterclass is perfect for you if

  • feel overwhelmed and want to be happier in the classroom
  • are too busy to attend regular CPD and want results quickly
  • want planning and marking out of the way of family time  
  • want to deepen your connections online to serve students that struggle.

It’s much more than a webinar, this programme will stop you feeling overwhelmed and help build your confidence…

In this course, I’ll give you proven techniques that have improved the careers of 1,000s of teachers

  1. Mark Plan Teach: you’ll save time and improve grades with zonal marking, plus learn the world’s best feedback policy.
  2. Retrieval Practice: Leverage a century of research in schema construction from sensory to working and long-term memory.
  3. Beginner’s Guide to Memory: Learn how memory is segmented through chunking, semantic, episodic, and implicit concepts, rules and facts.
  4. Observational Bias and Coaching: Receive my 30-page coaching guide.
  5. The Great Teaching Toolkit: Learn where teachers show best spend their efforts and access a brilliant summary of educational research.

What’s included?

  1. 5 one-hour+ webinars
  2. Full slide deck for each session
  3. Editable templates for each session
  4. 5 coaching documents
  5. A digital version of the popular book, Mark, Plan, Teach.

About Ross McGill

LinkedIn looked at the educator engagement and asked, “Who seeks to help in the world we work and learn in today?” Whilst it’s humbling to be selected as LinkedIn’s Top Voices of 2020, it’s your views, reactions, and comments that made this educational journey so rewarding. I hope you find this resource beneficial.

What do teachers have to say about the programme?

Carolyn Sanders Circle

“I’ve been teaching for a long time. While I have the guidance, I still feel it’s my own teaching. I hadn’t realized how retrieval could work with regular assessments. I couldn’t recommend Ross’s help more highly!” Carolyn Sanders, UK

“I was able to reflect on what I do and how I can reduce my workload.” Queenie used Mark Plan Teach to save time and take back control after 7 years of teaching.

“I bought and read this book at the start of lockdown. A few weeks later I had an interview for middle leadership in my school. I honestly believe that it was reading this book that got me the job.“ Miss Hunter found that Just Great Teaching unleashed her potential.

“Teacher workload is incredibly hectic but Ross McGill has helped to identify ways in which we can reduce this and focus on the most important aspect of education, which is teaching students. “ Sam saved time and helped coach his team with Mark Plan Teach.

5 webinar masterclasses, with resources and digital book to help you stop feeling overwhelmed, spend less time planning and marking and seek a closer connection with your students.



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