5 Ways To Teach Active Learning

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Teach Active Learning Day June 2021


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How have primary schools responded to increasing mental health issues with our young people?

It’s that time of the year when our British schools consider taking pupils outside for outdoor learning activities. Whether rain or sunshine, our young people benefit from physical learning…

Every year, the Youth Sport Trust host a National School Sport Week; Teach Active hosted the largest active learning day for schools! Activities included setting up ‘physical multiplication stations’ for pupils or playing ‘punctuation police’; over 400 schools were involved!

Teach Active provided the lesson plans for the day, supporting how schools could use them, and the benefits, with pupils across the country.

Participating schools

  • Colmore Junior School took their active learning outside, running around the 360 Angle Trail calculating missing angles.
  • St Oswald’s School hosted an active English lesson with pupils running and creating sentences, including determiners and expanded noun phrases.
  • Our Lady & St. Swithin’s Catholic Primary, Liverpool, pupils were orienteering whilst maths problem-solving.

One school reported what they did on the day which is a favourite for me!

At Manor Primary School, teachers helped pupils to explore ‘positional language’ whilst playing a fantastic game of active musical chairs, singing and dancing!

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The number of schools that are now using these types of activities on a regular weekly and daily basis is growing – research shows this pedagogy works and has huge benefits for young pupils.

5 active learning ideas for next year?

  1. Numbered listening
  2. Relay races
  3. Spot the deliberate mistake
  4. Points mean prizes, and
  5. Reduce and remember.

Learn how you can make these ideas work in your classroom and why I believe Teach Active can work for your school.

Schools that enable children to take part in physical activity provide opportunities for students to find their niche and develop specific skills beyond the classroom. The impact on our young people is enormous!

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