Teaching Maths Mastery Through Technology

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What do you get when you mix retrieval practice and game-based learning?

There is an abundance of research that suggests that pupils have experienced significant learning loss during the pandemic. As part of a recovery curriculum, countless organisations have provided resources to support schools, teachers and all pupils.

The research is also clear about the number one thing teachers can do to ‘recover learning lost’. We know retrieval practice strengthens memory, and in order to develop mastery, all teachers must regularly quiz pupils to assess where students are, what they know/don’t know and where to go next.

Reboot your curriculum

Teachers can help pupils overcome what opportunities they have missed during lockdown. SplashLearn can help reboot fundamental aspects of our classrooms that most students have missed, especially when teaching maths.

Their software uses retrieval practice techniques; it’s engaging, encourages collaboration – something that all students have missed out on this past year.

Benefits of SplashLearn include teachers being able to track each pupils’ progress and identify gaps in learning, assigning more practise to pupils for the knowledge they haven’t yet mastered.

Assess, engage and collaborate!

Splash LearnSplashLearn is free for teachers and schools. The reception to year 6 learning programme uses fun games to teach students maths skills. Teachers can use the programme in their classroom and also set assignments that their students can work on at home.

The best part is that each student learns at their own pace and skill level, and teachers can track each students’ progress. Take a quick look at all the success stories and case studies!

SplashLearn is used by parents and teachers of over 40M+ kids to learn maths concepts, and it’s free! What’s not to like?

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