11 Benefits To Enhance Your Remote Teaching

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IPEVO Uplift


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How can teachers use technology to enhance teaching and learning?

During the panedmic, every teacher has had to upskill how they can teach using technology. The IPEVO Uplift is the ultimate tool for those who choose to use their smartphone as a visualiser or a webcam.

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5 strategies for using visualisers

Last month, I had the privilege of working with IPEVO, sharing 5 strategies for using visualisers in the classroom:

  1. Using it as a digital magnifier
  2. Using it as a scanner
  3. Pre-recording teaching sessions
  4. Using it to display material and,
  5. Integrate the camera with other software to support an interactive environment

You can watch the webinar if you missed it.

Benefits of Uplift

For teachers and schools who cannot afford to purchase an IPEVO visualiser, there are cheaper alternatives. One solution is the Mirror-Cam which is about £5. The other, is the Uplift, a new product I now have on my teaching desk to help model teaching ideas. Here are 6 benefits:

  1. Firstly, it’s a simple and sophisticated design.
  2. Technically, it fits a wide range of smartphones’ sizes (70-98mm) and supports 300 grams.
  3. Users can rotate the holder and arm for easy and quick adjustments:
    • You can frame the image and can switch between a vertical and horizontal orientation
    • It’s perfect for both teaching and online conferencing.
  4. It’s very sturdy too, which is perfect for busy classrooms! The sturdy arm with a firm grip and solid metal base which keep all things stable, no image bobbling or shaky images.
  5. It has a small footprint, so it can fit on the most cluttered teacher’s desk!
  6. Plus, you can pair it with the IPEVO iDocCam app which I have done in the video below.
    •  iDocCam is a remote teaching app that allows you to use your smartphone’s camera to capture live instructions or physical materials and then project them onto a big screen, just like a visualiser.
    • -> You can use iDocCam as a standalone app to view and adjust the live images captured by your smartphone’s camera in the app itself. Or, you can use it together with IPEVO Visualizer software (installed on a computer or tablet) to turn your smartphone into a wireless visualiser.

Watch me use iDocCam

You can watch me playing around with the iDocCam app below whilst using the Uplift device; this is something worth having on your classroom desk. Visit the IPEVO store to see what other devices can enhance your classroom teaching.

I’ve been using IPEVO devices and technology in my classroom for over ten years. I cannot recommend them highly enough to enhance the delivery of teaching and learning.

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