How To Teach Creatively

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Wacom One G2


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How can teachers use technology to work creatively?

Wacom are part of an edtech generation that is creating powerful new tools for the classroom; unleashing connectivity to influence every aspect of the classroom, whilst reducing teacher workload…

I’ve partnered up with Wacom to learn how to use their Wacom One device to teach creatively and work more efficiently. With Wacom One, teachers can draw, write and work in their usual fashion, directly onto the screen.

Creativity unleashed in all classrooms

Creativity is at the heart of all teacher-classrooms and I’d argue that working creatively is a knowledge-rich process utilising particular parts of our cognitive abilities. However, these skills can be accessed more easily thanks to the plethora of technological devices we have today at our fingertips.

This device uses a pen that uses software to make it the tool teachers and pupils always need in the classroom: paintbrush, pen, marker, pencil, chalk or eraser. Almost A4 in size (13.3” screen), the device allows you to capture ideas, create mind-maps, draw diagrams and share them online.

Increased efficiency

As you can imagine, the range of software and capabilities to connect with Windows, Android and Mac, as well as the usual office tools offer many capabilities. I’ve already used the device as a second-screen, switching between devices and dragging various application windows between screens, my working capacity has increased.

The device is light, battery-free and ergonomically.

5 Reasons to consider

  1. Large display size with a battery-free pen
  2. Tilt-recognition
  3. Ergonomic device with stand
  4. Compatible with Windows, Android and Mac
  5. Affordable.

Wacom are an organisation who offer a range of products for working creatively and I’ve been asked to roadtest their Wacom One product to gauge if it’s a suitable product for teachers and the classroom; a pertinent issue during COVID-19 lockdown. They also offer a wide range of solutions for the classroom, as well as some interesting solutions for schools and colleges.

Unlike a mouse or trackpad, Wacom One allows you to work in precise detail whatever the task at hand. Something all busy classroom teachers will appreciate…

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