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Ye Fiver Challenge Money

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What will your students do with a fiver?

Looking for ideas and inspiration to help raise pupil’s aspirations and develop positive attitudes about work from an early age? Then look no further, sign up for Young Enterprise’s Free Fiver Challenge today!

What is the Fiver Challenge?

Now in its fifth year, Fiver is Young Enterprise’s FREE national challenge for 5-11 year olds. Supported by Santander, The Fiver Challenge provides a a highly interactive, fun way of introducing financial education, resilience and teamwork to primary school pupils.

Pupils are pledged £5 from the Fiver bank and have one month to set up a mini business and create a product or service they can then sell or deliver at a profit whilst engaging with their local community. Pupils are in full control of the profits they earn and get to decide what to spend them on.

Why sign up?

Fiver Challenge provides a great opportunity for pupils to develop key skills including managing money, improving their confidence and communication skills, important to living in modern day Britain. Plus it’s great fun! The challenge is available to every young person aged 5-11 years, offering equality across all abilities, providing an opportunity to help to raise their aspirations and develop positive attitudes to work at an early age.

Easy to access engaging online teaching and pupil resources are available to help to plan and run the challenge successfully.

Register today to discover your students’ hidden talents!

This year’s Fiver Challenge runs from Monday 4 to Friday 29 June. and you can register here. Funding is limited so sign up today to help your pupils turn £5 into something special!






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