How To Revise: New English & Maths GCSEs

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Holly Gardner

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Do you need support helping your students revise this term?

With reformed GCSE 9–1 examinations in English Language, English Literature and Maths taking place for the first time this summer, teachers, parents and students need more support than ever.

Revision Guides

These brand new GCSE 9–1 Revision Guides and Exam Practice Books from Scholastic are written by experts and fully matched to the new GCSE 9–1 specifications for a number of subjects, including English Language & Literature, Maths, Biology and Chemistry. Providing the most up-to-date exam support for teachers and students, these resources are available in AQA, Edexcel and All Boards editions.

These revision guides offer students and teachers the latest topics for 9-1 GCSEs. The book itself is a high-quality publication with clear ‘how to guides’, questions and ‘test yourself’ sections throughout the book. The material also links to the free GCSE Revision App which features photographs, videos and recordings to help concepts stick. Many students are not taught how to revise as they prepare for their examinations. This is a skill in itself! What I particularly like about the book, is that Scholastic have provided a fabulous ‘how to revise’ graphic on the inside cover which provides vital information for students. (Ross Morrison McGill)

Revision materials rarely consider how teenagers might practically revise, but Scholastic has created fresh, modern and engaging resources that are tailored to today’s students. To encourage an active approach to revision, they have created a free on-the-go app, matched to the corresponding Revision Guides. The app (available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play) includes an exam calendar tailored to each individual with suggested revision dates for topics, a ‘Snap It!’ feature to quickly photograph important revision points, and quick tests to revise on the move.


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Scholastic’s Revision Guides are clearly laid out and packed with tools to study on the go – meaning that students can prepare with confidence, no matter what their revision style. Linked to the Revision Guides, the Exam Practice Books include questions to consolidate learning – as well as at least one complete practice paper written by an expert – to ensure that pupils are exam ready. If students prefer to tackle their practice and revision in one go, Scholastic also offer combined Revision and Exam Practice Books for each subject and exam board.

The Revision Guides and Exam Practice Books include several features to aid knowledge and understanding: the ‘Work It!’ feature outlines worked examples with model solutions to help students to understand difficult questions, and the ‘Do It!’ feature encourages students to learn and revise using practice questions to check knowledge.

This new range has truly been created with students in mind; they provide an active, personalised approach that will make the most of revision time. These authoritative resources will help to reassure teachers, parents and students in a time of uncertainty about the new examinations and ensure success in GCSE 9–1.

Teachers can currently sign up to receive a free Scholastic GCSE 91 Revision Guide of their choice (worth £8.99) at

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