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How can teachers captivate their students? Here are our 5 top tips …

The Samsung Interactive Display is more than just another interactive whiteboard; if you incorporate the key features and functions into your teaching, you can captivate your students using the display in a new approach. Below are some tips for how best to use and make the most of the technology and all of its key features.

1. Ready to go

The pre-installed software ensures that all you have to do to get started is literally press ‘on’. There is no need to plug-in your laptop or find a USB stick; this device saves time and eliminates the worry that you will spend the first 10 minutes of the lesson waiting for the technology to catch up!

2. Technology at your fingertips

The display is truly interactive, with the touchscreen allowing you to highlight items and add comments whilst you teach. For example, you can highlight a key quote from a text displayed on the screen and annotate it with your students’ ideas as they call them out. Different quotes can be coded with different colours, and any mistakes you make can easily be deleted with the eraser function.

3. Capture and share

Once you have marked up the text with the class, you can capture what you have collaborated on by simply clicking the ‘capture’ button and selecting either a rectangle of the text or the whole screen. This is great a feature because you can save the content and email it to all of your students to keep as a record, or share it via a class set of Samsung tablets.

4. Set the tone

The Samsung Interactive Display has a built-in media player and it’s very straightforward to play music and videos. So, whether you want to greet your students with a soundtrack to set the tone of the lesson, show them a clip from last night’s 10 o’clock news to inspire discussion as a warm up, or end the lesson with a film clip, you can do so with ease. You can also have multiple applications open at once and hop from a PowerPoint, to an image, to a video seamlessly.

5. Collaborate

You get the most out of the display when you use it in tandem with Samsung Galaxy Tabs. It means you can share content from the display with your students in an instant, giving them feedback or notes to share when it comes to revision. The tablets are robust, students can take notes on them using the pen function and they are ideal if you want to do a whole class quiz or poll to get a quick snapshot of student’s understanding and progress.

Using the Samsung Interactive Whiteboard makes teachers think differently about what they do. Peter Dawes, a teacher trainer provides a straightforward demonstration in this video.

Find out more about Samsung Schools and contact Samsung for more details or to request a demo.

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