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Holly Gardner

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How can you turn your students in to Rockx stars?

Learning times tables can be an uphill struggle not only for students, but parents too. If your little rock star needs a helping hand, an ingenious new app will help get your child up to speed in no time. It may even be useful in the classroom!

Maths Rockx – which is taking the UK by storm – enables kids to sing their times tables along to well-known tracks from artists such as One Direction, P!NK, Pharrell Williams, Lady Gaga and Will-i-am. It provides a fascinating way to learn and has already delivered impressive results for thousands of kids.

Slipping through the system:

As a teacher for over 15 years, the founder of the app Jo Otto, was increasingly aware that more often than not, children were slipping through the system without knowing their times tables. The frustration of seeing children wanting to learn – but not grasping the basics – led Jo to develop the revolutionary teaching/learning app, Maths Rockx.

‘All children respond to singing so I started teaching them their times tables to funky beats and eventually started singing them to rock songs. They loved it, and were able to recite their tables and recall their table facts in a matter of weeks. We’ve also found that children with special needs are responding beautifully. Mothers of children with autism and dyscalculia have written to us so excited by their children’s progress.’  says Jo.

Her passion and enthusiasm for teaching is evident in the creation of Maths Rockx. The education tool provides children with increasing confidence in their recall skills while they sing, dance, clap and ‘woo hoo’ to their favourite tunes. Suddenly children become motivated and enthusiastic to learn.

How does it work?

As a teaching tool, this could be a useful alternative for working with students in maths lessons. Connect Maths Rockx to the smart board and teach them using the vocal pages. The instrumental overviews can create singing sessions in the classroom. The new interactive quiz tests your children’s knowledge, skills and their progress. It also creates achievable goals for them to reach. Use the App’s playlist feature to concentrate on particular times tables, with the option to play them on a loop in the classroom. It’s the perfect remedy to revitalise the class.

Jo adds: “It’s so refreshing to see children excited about doing maths! The feedback so far has been astounding – especially with the speed in which the children are retaining the facts. Children are now enthusiastic to learn, which is naturally giving them their confidence back.”

Maths all of a sudden become captivating, and the best part, your children will know their times tables – they will have all the answers. Multiplication, fractions, division, factors, decimals and algebra become about learning strategies and concepts, rather than trying to calculate the multiplication facts. Maths just Rockx!

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