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Holly Gardner

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How can you access new resources to further enhance the subjects you are teaching or learning?

There is a great new resource called Audiopi which could be a very valuable tool for teachers. They specialise in producing audio tutorials and podcasts that are aligned to the curriculum. 

Who are Audiopi?

At Audiopi, it is clear they appreciate that teachers are extremely busy and finding a resource that helps relieve this pressure is a blessing. This is one of the key thoughts behind creation of Audiopi.

Audiopi is a dedicated audio resource that maps series of audio tutorials exactly to the specification being taught. Their writers have an intimate knowledge of what is required, both in terms of content and at exam time, each tutorial has the purpose of being informative and engaging and incredibly simple to access and use.

The podcasts are designed to deliver real support to the great work teachers do. Listen to this Animal Farm sample below:


What does Audiopi do?

Audiopi brings together teachers and academics and to ensure content is totally relevant and academically rigorous. Each brings a different perspective and their podcasts teams include chief examiners, teachers, specification writers and leading academics from the UK’s best universities including Cambridge, Oxford, London, Bristol, Exeter, Durham, Lancaster, Sheffield and Kent.

Audiopi‘s tutorial series are directly aligned to the specific relevant exam board specification. They follow the specification step by step ensuring that all aspects of required study are covered. Audiopi also includes great sound effects, music, real-time recordings to make listening as engaging as possible, as well as podcasts on exam techniques and guidance, designed to reinforce learning. 

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Anything that encourages students to access their learning outside of school, gets the thumbs up from me. The podcasts are engaging and relevant for today’s academic curriculum and believe it will be a useful asset for teachers and students.” @TeacherToolkit

5 reasons why Audiopi can support teachers:

We recommend Audiopi‘s resources can help in a number of important ways:

  1. Lesson planning – A simple check of the content on their website for the topic you are teaching will give you a clear sense of how the content is designed to match your lesson planning.
  2. Use in or out of the classroom – tutorials can be played in the classroom to introduce a subject, which can then lead to discussions and debate. Flipped Classroom – tutorials tend to last approximately 10 minutes. It is easy for students to access and listen to one of them on their phone before they come to class. It is much easier, and therefore more likely, than reading a passage from a textbook on the way to and from school. Class time can then be used exploring and discussing what your students are already acquainted with.
  3. Homework – a natural tool for setting homework. The tutorials can be available, either through the school log in or via a class/student log in. Students can listen on the way home, or in the bath, or lying in bed. Also because of their length and style it is much more likely that a parent will listen too, enabling them to engage directly in their child’s education.
  4. Revision – Once again the breakdown of the content, set out in detail on the Audiopi platform, means students can quickly pin-point what they need to refresh their memory. The limited time teachers have means that it is very difficult for them to revisit topics already covered. Audiopi is the easy answer to this problem. 
  5. Peer to Peer Learning – the platform doesn’t just allow access to the podcasts, it also allows teachers and students to create and share their own audio content. This creates an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning. 

We use the beautiful world of audio to deliver inspirational education. ~ Audiopi.co.uk


The subjects currently covered by Audiopi are History A levelHistory GCSE,  English Literature GCSEPhysics GCSE and Physics A Level. Other subjects will be released in January 2017, including  English Literature A level, Computer Sciences, Combined Sciences, Religious Studies, Biology GCSE, and Chemistry GCSE. 

Why not take a closer look and get in touch.


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