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Members Webinar: Beginner’s Guide To Cognitive Psychology

Members Webinar: Beginner’s Guide To Cognitive Psychology

This webinar resource offers three ideas to help us understand how we process information. I have been inspired by a book on my desk for 10 years, ‘An Introduction to Cognitive Psychology: Processes and Disorders’ by David Groome, who defines cognitive psychology as "the study of how the brain processes information. The ideas concern how we take in information from the outside world, how we make sense of that information, and what use we make of it. This resource tackles complex theories for teachers interested in cognitive psychology. Three self-reflection guides are included to help understand approaches to perception and attention.

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Pupil Mental Health

The May 2021 resource is to support teachers and parents with revision strategies for the examination season. The 9 resources will build upon one another as a strategy for embedding knowledge on a month by month basis to follow the rhythms of the academic year leading up towards examinations.

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Vaughan Connolly

Focusing on our own wellbeing - a brilliant membership resource this month from @TeacherToolkit. Superbly researched and explained. Many thanks Ross!

Vaughan Connolly, Teacher, Techie and Researcher

Aisling White

Excellent and well thought out resources. A great help to first time and experienced teachers alike! 🙂

Aisling White, Teacher

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