Webinar Advanced Memory by @TeacherToolkit

Webinar: Learn More About Memory

Memory: Theory and Application by @TeacherToolkit

Learn About Memory

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Teachers are curious about memory but often don’t know where to start.

This file contains a PDF resource pack and set of slides/ideas you can edit for yourself. There is a short webinar which has been filmed to meet demand and bring the content to life… This will help teachers learn more about memory methods and how you can adapt the ideas back in your place of work and improve your teaching, as well as your pupils’ potential.

Cognitive Load Theory

Webinar: Cognitive Load Theory

What has evolved from John Sweller’s research (1998) is that various instructional techniques are recommended (that fit in with the characteristics of working memory) and therefore unlock better learning potential.

This webinar resource offers an introduction to CLT research and theory. A teacher’s challenge is to translate these findings and use explicit strategies and resources to unlock learning potential.

Included is the full slide deck, with a short 20-minute video explaining some of the key concepts.