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Are you looking to plan a curriculum enrichment opportunity this academic year?

I can highly recommend the Imperial War Museum in London! I remember taking lots of students there on excursions from school.

Teachers can access free CPD resources to help support history teaching, offering practical guidance, what language to use when teaching about the Empire and conflict; and how to manage difficult conversations ...
Imperial War Museum
There are lots of new resources on the website!

Ross / @TeacherToolkit
Ross Morrison McGill
Curriculum Planning
This resource provides teachers with a starting point for designing an ambitious and carefully sequenced curriculum to enhance the quality of education.
Perfect Scheme of Work
In this resource, I offer a range of templates for you to consider, plus my perfect scheme of work suggestions for all teachers…
5-Second (Lanyard) TimeSavers
The 5-Second Lanyard can be adapted to suit whatever resource you need; the scaled template offers a 'prompt' for teachers to 'keep to hand' when needing a teaching resource in the moment.

Website membership offers more exclusive resources...
The Question Matrix
The most popular questioning resource on the website to help deepen questioning and anticipate a richer response from pupils ...
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10 Research Tips for Creating Multiple Choice Quizzes

What should teachers consider when creating or using multiple-choice quizzes?
Photo,of,hand Drawn Notetaking By Classroom Student

Learning: The Influences of Notetaking

How can teachers and parents support young people to learn?