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Did you know, forgetting is part of the learning process?

We are all curious about what makes us remember at some point in our lives. We make sweeping accusations about why we remember our ‘times tables’ or why we ‘didn’t learn it that way when we were at school’.

We have selective memories. We forget and we are influenced by the world around us, and thousands and thousands of teachers are not only mastering their subject knowledge and curriculum plans, but they are also becoming increasingly interested in cognitive science.

The brain and shaping memories …

I’ve always had a fascination with psychology and the brain, and over the last ten years or so, this has grown to develop into a deeper interest in how teachers can influence what a child learns!

Only a week or two ago, I recently reflected on the six years of being a primary school parent, and our family concluded: Primary school has taught our son how to read, write and speak.

It’s incredible what our teachers do for our young people!

Did you know?

I’ve got a new book coming out!

My sixth title with Bloomsbury Publishers and my tenth book in total. Here are a few comments from teachers who had an early sneak peek of the book!


Find out more?

  1. View a small preview inside the book
  2. Grab a copy on Amazon or directly from my publishers
  3. Purchase a signed copy directly on my website and I’ll post it directly to you.
  4. Download an audio sample.

All teachers are interested in learning, but few take the formal step to learn exactly what is happening anatomically and cognitively. I hope my new book gives you that first step in your journey …


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