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How strong is the revision culture in your school?

Have you ever wondered why your students don’t revise? Or why they revise ineffectively? Often, they simply don’t know how…

This is where The Revision Revolution comes in.

The Revision Revolution BookI’m delighted to offer my 9th book, co-authored alongside English teacher and new author, Helen Howell. It is so good to see so many teaching books being published; this one, published in January 2022.

The Revision Revolution is explicitly for secondary schools, yet there are techniques that can be transferred for middle schools and teachers working with year 6 pupils in primary schools.

We’ll also have a teacher training event to go alongside the book and will publish these details in due course…

What if, instead of just telling students to revise, schools designed within their curriculum, explicit study skills from Year 7? What if we made revision enjoyable, even irresistible? The aim is not just to help students pass exams, but to embed their learning and help them grow into knowledgeable and informed young adults.

In this book, we guide you step by step through how to start and sustain a revision revolution in your school, building a culture of effective study that flows through all aspects of school life. We hope it makes a big difference…

You can order on Amazon or buy a signed copy on this site.

Vive la révolution!

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