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Don’t want to miss out on free digital resources from The Education Platform?

The recent unprecedented school closures and upheaval caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has made accessible remote working more important than ever.

With a rise in digital technology, the ability to work remotely is becoming easier than ever. The Education Platform is here to help, freely supporting teachers working in state and independent schools, by giving them the flexibility to plan and prepare their lessons from home or anywhere with access to the internet. 

Here are three main ways in which the Education Platform can support teachers working remotely:

1. Access to digital books

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First of all, it’s free! Leading education publishers have supplied the Education Platform with high-quality digital versions of the most popular textbooks to be accessed remotely. More than 6,000 different books currently reside on the platform and it continues to be updated regularly.

This means teachers can search for digital versions of books their school already owns without having to browse school libraries.


2. No more photocopier queues

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As well as being able to remotely access your school’s textbooks, you can make copyright compliant copies to support lessons. The Education Platform has been developed to make copying easier for teachers so that they can be more flexible in their lesson preparation and teaching.

By copying digitally, you could not only save time avoiding the photocopier but also save school budgets. There is no cost!


3. Continue to deliver lessons online

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Another way in which the Education Platform supports remote working is by giving you the ability to share high-quality digital copies made via a hyperlink which can be sent to students in an email or uploaded to a VLE.

This provides a seamless way for teachers to continue delivering lesson materials to students without being present in the classroom.


Countless resources…

All state-funded schools and most independents are covered by the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Licence to make copies from books or magazines for teaching. That means you can copy one chapter, one article or 5 per cent, whichever is greater. With the licence paid for centrally by the DfE in England and the national education bodies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, access is free! Educational publishers such as Hodder, OUP and Pearson, have supplied the Education Platform with thousands of high-quality digital versions of the most popular textbooks, to be accessed from anywhere online. Just scan the barcode of the book to get access to over 6,000 books.

With the Education Platform, remote working for teachers has never been so easy!

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