8 Reasons To Get Pupils Coding With Matatalab

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How can we teach pupils to code and receive instant feedback, without adding unnecessary workload?

The increasing global dependence on technology and the boom of such industries has made coding an invaluable skill to employers.

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So, why should you miss out on a resource that can make something as complex and as technical as coding, fun and understandable for little minds? 

The ingenious and beautifully simple Matatalab coding sets help children to develop the necessary cognitive abilities to learn coding skills by providing instant feedback, demonstrating coding can be simple. From four years old, pupils can use their imagination to create infinite possibilities by using coding blocks to control a robot car through coding algorithms. Computational thinking is the core skill of STEM education and is is an essential skill to support pupils to develop critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration. Matatalab’s hands-on coding set has received certification from Education Alliance Finland because of its high standards of usability and STEM pedagogy. European Schoolnet, the network of 31 European Ministries of Education has also chosen Matatalab as the official robot set distributed as part of their Future Classroom Lab projects for primary schools.

8 Reasons to try Matatalab?

  1. Tangible programming to follow the children’s cognitive development.
  2. So easy to use, no screen or literacy needed.
  3. Simple symbol design concept.
  4. Gamification to stimulate learning through play.
  5. Multi-disciplinary opportunities to combine music and art with coding.
  6. From easy to advanced – grow up from zero to coding hero.
  7. Conducive to learning higher-level coding.
  8. Completely safe, tested and certified.

To learn more, watch this short video or read more product information.

Matatalab Hands On Coding Set 1

The language of the future

In 2020, it is impossible to ignore the fabric of our everyday lives which is now woven by the code that builds the software we rely on. From the billions of emails sent daily, to Minecraft mania or the parent’s portal at school; little of what makes up modern living could exist without code.

In an uncertain future, one thing is certain, code is going to be a large part of it and why it is important for schools and teachers to give students the chance to gain a solid understanding of the process.

Matatalab is a solution! It’s well worth taking a closer look!



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  1. I think that this is something that should be implemented into all schools. Coding and all things like that are often met with fear by individuals who have never experienced anything like it before and that should not be the case! Teaching children from a young age how to code and more importantly, the benefits of coding is invaluable.

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