Ofsted Policy: 11 Rhetorical Questions

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Rhetorical questions Ofsted


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What rhetorical questions would you ask about education?

If we all want the best for all pupils, then we must start to seek answers to some of our more challenging issues…

  1. When will Ofsted be able to inspect multi-academy trusts?
  2. When will Ofsted start to inspect the financial health of educational institutions?
  3. Is Ofsted independent of government?
  4. Is Ofsted’s complaint process equitable?
  5. When Ofsted visit lessons and speak to students, why do they not publish the percentage of lessons visited, the number of books looked at, the number of pupils spoken to? Surely this would make their evaluation more credible?
  6. Ofsted is focusing more on the issue of off-rolling. When will Ofsted look closer at school refusers?
  7. Why do we have a system where schools exclude pupils, not because of poor behaviour, but because their exam results may be unfavourable?
  8. When Ofsted survey parents, how long do we have to wait for before misleading questions are eradicated?
  9. What impact does Ofsted have on teacher attrition?
  10. Do positive Ofsted reports make parents indifferent?
  11. Does Ofsted do more harm than good? I am hearing this statement more and more from many experienced teachers, leaders and academics.

These are some of the questions I have asked myself over the last year as I define my methodology for my doctoral upgrade. You can read my paper here and discover what questions I was asking about education two years ago…

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