Podcast 15: How Can We Increase Children’s Vocabulary?

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Iesha Small

Think Tank associate at LKMco and podcaster for Teacher Toolkit. Iesha is a teacher, writer, podcast producer and speaker. Former school leader who is interested in challenging status quo and solutions.
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How can we increase children’s vocabulary?

Our 15th guest is Sofia Fenichell. Sofia is CEO and founder of Mrs Wordsmith, a company “on a mission to illustrate the English Language” and improve children’s vocabulary. We catch up with Sofia at the BETT show.

In this episode, you can hear Sofia and Teacher Toolkit editor, Holly Gardner:

  • discuss how illustrations can help with academic success and improve their vocabulary
  • explain how noticing her son’s homework made Sofia come up with a business idea
  • reveal a question that Sofia has never been asked before
  • explore what makes words powerful
  • reflect on Sofia’s biggest career achievement
  • share the surprising fact that Sofia has learned about journalists.


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