Podcast 11: Why Should Teachers Model Resilience?

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Iesha Small

Think Tank associate at LKMco and podcaster for Teacher Toolkit. Iesha is a teacher, writer, podcast producer and speaker. Former school leader who is interested in challenging status quo and solutions.
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Why do teachers need to model resilience?

Our 11th guest is Jaz Ampaw-Farr, a resilience ninja, speaker and author. We catch up with Jaz as part of our 100 Years, 100 Women series.

In this episode, you can hear Jaz and podcast host, Ross Morrison McGill:

  • discuss which famous chat show host and media mogul Jaz has been compared to  
  • reveal which amazing group of people saved Jaz’s life as a child
  • insist on the key skills that children need to leave primary school with
  • consider which career achievement Jaz is most proud of
  • reflect on how telling the truth has changed Jaz
  • celebrate the wins that women have made
  • debate which conversation they hope won’t be needed in the future
  • dream about the location of Jaz’s last supper.


You can find out more about Jaz via her website or follow her on Twitter. We also recommend that you watch her brilliant Ted Talk.


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