Podcast 10: How Can School Leaders Protect Their Staff?

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Rethinking School Leadership

Iesha Small

Think Tank associate at LKMco and podcaster for Teacher Toolkit. Iesha is a teacher, writer, podcast producer and speaker. Former school leader who is interested in challenging status quo and solutions.
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Why do school leaders need to learn to protect their staff from external nonsense?

Our tenth guest is Claire Young, CEO of School Speakers. We catch up with Claire in London, England.

In this episode, you can hear Claire and podcast host, Ross Morrison McGill:

  • explain how her headteacher’s assemblies at primary school influenced her
  • reveal the one thing that Claire feels she’d like to see improved across schools in England
  • explore Claire’s views about teacher workload
  • challenge SLTs over what is reasonable to expect from school staff
  • announce a new project that School Speakers will launch in the North of England
  • discuss what Claire has learned from the New Zealand rugby team
  • declare which speaker Ross should interview on the podcast about mental health   


You can find out more about what School Speakers do at or follow them on Twitter. You can also follow Claire directly on Twitter.

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