38 Organisations That Influence School Policy

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Who are the organisations that influence school policy and what influence do they have on education pedagogy?

This is an abridged version of 18 Think Tanks and 20 Think Thanks (part 2) Every Teacher Should Know.


Following on from both of these popular posts, @LouisMMCoiffait and I thought it may prove useful to spark a debate surrounding organisations that shape the educational landscape in England. In the diagram below, we have indicated 38 organisations and their influence on school policy and if this impact is high or low.

You can open the graphic in full at the foot of this post.

It is worth noting, that this is an informal blog and there is no intention to harm any organisations from making these assumptions. Of course there will be some missing, but there is an evolving need for teachers to become more savvy of all the organisations that shape school policy.


  1. These organisations do not call themselves think tanks and often have other priorities.
  2. They are not part of government or the press, but influence England schools policy all the same.
  3. The diagram shows ‘influence on schools policy’ position = subjective judgement / space on page
  4. The traditional ‘left-right’ political spectrum does NOT apply to this chart

Please do feedback and say where you think the organisations should be placed differently (and why). 

You can download the graphic here.

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