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Do you believe that education should be recognised by other sectors?

There are hundreds of great education bloggers in the UK and thousands more across the world! It’s also great that educators are recognising each other, reading and sharing ideas and philosophies, as well as also receiving recognition by people and organisations outside of the profession.

Back Story:

In December 2015 last year, a relaunched Vuelio brand hosted a wonderful celebration. Vuelio is just one of these organisations outside of education that recognises our community of bloggers. They also do not allow self-nominations like the DRUM or TES awards, nor charge winning bloggers for a ticket to a winning table at their celebration evening. All good so far …

On their website, they claim:

The Vuelio Blog Awards are designed to recognise and reward the achievements of the very bloggers we pride ourselves in working with. Last year more than 500 bloggers, media, and communications professionals gathered from across the UK to celebrate … This year the event will be even bigger and better – bringing together the very best bloggers and vloggers for a buzzing night of celebration and entertainment.

However, this is not quite true.

Education, De-Categorised:

Despite being nominated alongside colleagues (for the 4th year in a row), on closer inspection, I soon realised – several weeks after being told in September 2016 – that ‘education’ is no-longer a shortlisted category for the awards ceremony.

Just take a look below at the featured categories this year:


After an email exchange, the reality that a community of education bloggers had been ‘dropped from the awards ceremony’ became real. Instead, ‘food’, ‘beauty’, ‘daddy’ and ‘mummy’ are all featured and appear to be more important/valid than the education community of bloggers.

Time or Money?

If Vuelio are going to offer education bloggers recognition, then ask to display a Vuelio logo on our websites as a badge of honour – in exchange for free publicity – why not then invite bloggers to your ‘bigger and better awards ceremony’ and feature education as a shortlisted category for an award?

Does it cost too much time and money, for 4 or 5 people to attend an event that is hosting over 200 people? Or include a small set of slides on the big screen, a plastic trophy and a short announcement over a tannoy? Does it? Maybe I’m old in the tooth, or maybe I’m just doing my bit to keep the education community in the spotlight? Either way, I’ll leave you with my reply, to which I’ve heard nothing back …


So, on Friday 25th November, I’m staying home and not attending the awards ceremony. I ask all readers, if you believe in my one man’s protest, please click and share the tweet below for the education community of bloggers. Let’s stand up for education and our wonderful community of bloggers.



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