Professional Development: The Life Of A Deputy Headteacher

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What professional development does your school offer?

In a recent post, I shared how we have been working on a series of three films to share the work we are doing in our school. This is the first of three videos that I am delighted to share with my readers. This video focuses on recruitment and professional development. Much of what is mentioned (in the video) can be found by searching within this blog.

Professional Development Video:

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Quintin Kynaston is a vibrant and stimulating school environment in which to work. QK is an excellent place to develop your career in a fantastic location in central London. We moved into a £35 million new building in January 2015 and opened a new £1.5 million Sixth Form Building in January 2016.

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At Quintin Kynaston, your professional development is important. We have a rigorous CPD programme that is tailored to the needs of all our staff. Whether you join us as a member of support staff, an NQT or a senior teacher, QK provides and invests in staff for continual professional development. We set aside 1% of our total budget, so that every member of staff is supported to do their job well and advance in their career.

For more details, please visit our school website.

The following two videos will be published later this summer.


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