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How do you reward staff for going above and beyond? 

This week, we launched our staff CPD Loyalty Card (Continued Professional Development); a mechanism for sharing best practice and being rewarded for doing so. In this post, I share how it all works.

Under Development

Over the past term we have been developing a mechanism for staff to be rewarded for going above and beyond, but to also reward staff for the additional work they put in already. For example, observing colleagues and sharing best practice.

This decision has been through a rigorous process, having been discussed at our HR meeting to ensure the scheme is compliant with our staff Benefits Policy. After all, this is public funds(!), but a sensible initiative to ensure teachers are rewarded for going above and beyond the work they would typically be expected to do.

Loyalty Card

The CPD Loyalty Card scheme is a mechanism for rewarding all staff who are active with their own professional development. There will be flaws with this system, but I am confident this is the beginning of a creating a culture of developing teaching and learning.

Below is an image of our Google form online. It states;

By entering your details here, the information you share will reach a member of the teaching and learning team. If your request is valid, you will receive a loyalty stamp to redeem in the staff diner. We will inform you of this decision and will ‘find you’ and ‘thank you’ for sharing best CPD practice.

Staff CPD Professional Development Loyalty Card Quintin Kynaston


So, how do we go about communicating this new initiative with staff?

Well, we first launched this in our staff briefing this week. We supported the initiative with a simple presentation and distributed a loyalty card to all members of staff as they left the room. This was then followed up with an email to clarify how the process would work; shared in our daily bulletin.

Whenever a staff wishes to ‘claim a reward’, they can enter the information into a Google form (as we are now a Google school), every single piece of information and data is synchronised. It’s a dream solution for reducing workload! It takes no longer than two minutes to record entry and information received is verified by a group of 8 members of staff on the teaching and learning team. They will either a) stamp an individual card and distribute this to a member of staff or b) seek out the member of staff and stamp their existing loyalty card.

I’m sure either system may have its flaws, but it’s a harmless and simple mechanism to create some ‘good cheer’.

We hope that it is in the interest of each member staff, to have their loyalty card somewhere with them in school. This will mean that they will be able to redeem any reward when they present this to a member of our catering staff in our staff diner. That’s the idea, so I will report back it the system is tweaked.

This was the email shared with staff earlier this week

Staff CPD Professional Development Loyalty Card Quintin Kynaston


Through redeeming CPD, this enables the teaching and learning team, as well as the individual to keep an automatic log of their CPD activity and best practice shared across the school. Staff do so much more (automatically) than they realise. After 3 stamps and/or 6 stamps, the staff member can redeem the card in exchange for a tea/coffee and cake or for a ‘CPD lunch’. A lovely way to encourage staff to share best practice and for staff recognition.

Here is a growing list of ‘things’ we want staff to be rewarded for:

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How do you go about promoting staff loyalty? Please share your ideas below in the comments.





5 thoughts on “Rewarding Staff: CPD Loyalty

  1. That looks fantastic! A few questions….what rewards will be on offer for staff willing to buy into this scheme? Secondly, how do you become a google school?

  2. this looks great – could you send me a copy of your ppt so i can see how you sold it to staf and what the google form looked like

    many thanks

    1. Hi Mary – this is fairly old now and I no longer have access to the Google Form. The best suggestion I could give is to immerse CPD into your weekly timetable and publish a series of workshops for staff to opt in to – and ensure they are led by the staff themselves.

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