Do #Osiris Education have egg on their face?

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Egg on their face?


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Well, what a hoo-ha!

19.3.13 – After reading a wonderful article on #TeachMeets in the Osiris Education magazine, I was then led to visit their website. Clever marketing you might say? I was quite impressed with this webpage as it was a useful channel for directing people to what was going on in the TeachMeet revolution gripping teachers across the UK. (Yes, the government are still NOT aware of this!)

However, on reflection and after some research, my initial thoughts are questionable. Please take a look at this webpage before it is removed. There is still a statement on this site, asking for individuals to add TeachMeets to their directory and how they ‘are usually free of charge!’

Why not do this where it was originally curated and where this is already working very well?

After some initial digging, I discovered the webpage was a mere portal for advertising Osiris services! As a matter of fact, charging you and I up to £300 (plus VAT) to organise a TeachMeet for you! How very nice of Osiris to do this for busy teachers?!

It goes without saying, how much of a stir this created on Twitter from midday on 19th March 2013. Archives of how it all unfolded are here, published by @EThinking.

There is no doubt, that TeachMeets are evolving across the UK and further afield internationally; but we must not forget the grassroot reasons for this highly effective CPD, established in 2006. I have been in touch with @EwanMcIntosh and also, most recently @islayian who directed me to his own blogpost, reflecting on the 4th anniversary of TeachMeets in 2010.

How it all started....
How it all started….

It is without question, that if you are reading this, I do not need to tell you anything about the value of TeachMeets and how this form of CPD – no matter how it has changed since 2006 – remains in the hands of teachers; teachers taking control of their own professional development outside the national frameworks that we have typically viewed as ‘training’.

TeachMeets do have an ethos!

TeachMeets should always be free to organise, attend and even present.

TeachMeets will evolve and adapt to meet the needs of teachers in their locality.

There is an abundance of teachers who will happily help organise a TeachMeet for you.

Does any company have the right to take something from grassroot education, and use this for profit? One can assume that all the books, DVDs and courses we attend, have grown out of good classroom practice and must be shared; and we may even profiteer from. Why not? Afterall, we all need to make a living!

So, is this an example of the scale and popularity of TeachMeets getting out of control? I do believe in the power of twitter for professional learning and the functionality of social-media can determine the success or downfall of any venture. We are all accountable…. Whatever, your opinion, I will leave the evidence below for you to decide.

Osiris charge for TM services
Evidence screenshot 1 of 2 – @TeacherToolkit
Osiris charge for TM services 2
Evidence 2 of 2 – @TeacherToolkit

Here is a link to @ieshasmall’s blogpost, ‘The death of TeachMeets’.

….And after this was posted at 9.45am today, I found this meesage on Osiris website at 3.45pm.

“Following feedback regarding TeachMeets, Osiris Educational would like to apologise for any misinterpretation of the service that was offered.”


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  1. TeachMeets will evolve and adapt to meet the needs of teachers in their locality. it was a useful channel for directing people to what was going on in the TeachMeet revolution gripping teachers across the UK. It may not be monetarily extremely gratifying, however it provides one particular the emotional fulfillment.

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